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Access Statement


Holt Farm Holiday Cottages are set in the country near Hay-on-Wye, the Black Mountains and Herefordshire’s Golden Valley. There are four cottages that sleep a variety of number of people or can be booked as a whole to sleep a party.

We have tried to provide as much information as possible in this statement, if you do have any further queries please do call. We look forward to welcoming you.


Holt Farm surrounded by countryside

Holt Farm Cottages – Birds Eye View

  • We have a website that enables you to be able to see what Holt Farm Cottages has to offer you our guests. You can also see more detailed images of the property on the website.
  • Bookings / enquiries can be made via e-mail or phone.
  • The nearest towns are Hay on Wye, Hereford or Abergavenny where there are buses and all local amenities. Taxis are available from Michaelchurch Escley, numbers are available at the cottages themselves.
  • There is also a local bus on a Wednesday to Hereford city.
  • Shopping can be delivered for your arrival either through Tesco, Sainsburys, Asda or Waitrose.

Arrival & Car Parking Facilities

All the cottages are accessible from their individual car parking areas immediately in front of the accommodation. The parking areas are uneven and gravelled. There is smooth paved parking in front of the Wain house.

  • There is plenty of space for parking a number of cars with space to get in and out of the vehicles easily.
  • It is possible to drive up to the door of The Stable and Wain House
  • The Barn and Farm House have adjacent car parking spaces

Holt Wain House – all level throughout

Entrance & Living Room

  • The front entrance is approached by a paved driveway and the doorway is 96cm wide with no step.
  • The door goes straight into the living room which is furnished with movable furnishings of 2 x 3 seater sofas, coffee table and tv.
  • This room has a door that exits through a door 90cm onto the courtyard with a 13cm step.
  • There is sufficient room to move a wheelchair around the room.

The kitchen is accessed through an archway of 105cm

  • In the kitchen there is a table of 78cm high, with a knee height of 66cm and width of 151cm.
  • Worktop counters 92cm high
  • Gas hotplate 96cm high, 61cm wide
  • Oven 111cm high, opening downwards
  • Microwave 151cm high
  • Fridge handle 85cm high, freezer 175cm high
  • Sink taps 55cm back from counter top
  • Washing machine and dryer 78cm high

Shower room/Wet room

  • Accessed through a doorway 85cm from the hallway approached by the kitchen with a doorway 81cm.
  • There is access to a fixed shower seat or a portable height adjustable shower seat,
  • This room is in the style of a wetroom.
  • Shower controls are 125cm high. Grab rail on wall.
  • Sink is in the style of a base unit on legs with counter-top sink and single lever high rise mixer, sprung plug basin waste.
  • There is 30cm of free space between uprights on the base unit.  The counter top surface is 70cm above floor level and the basin rim is 85cm above floor level.
  • Toilet 41cm high, also available is an Aquatec  fixed toilet seat, height adjustable with integrated armrests.


  • The hallway outside the bathroom has an external door 92cm wide leading into the courtyard with a ramp and rail or 4 steps leading to gravel.
  • The hallway also leads to the two bedrooms

Bedroom 1

  • Accessed through a door 84cm wide.
  • 2 x single beds 217cm long by 95cm wide with a gap of 43cm between them, or   1 super king bed

Bedroom 2

  • Internally accessed through a doorway 84cm wide
  • External access to the sun terrace with double doors 130cm wide.
  • 2 x single beds 217cm long by 95cm wide with a gap of 90 cm between them, or 1 super king bed with spaces of 45cm on each side with 190cm at the foot of bed.

Holt Stable


  • The cottage is approached with a 16cm step into the front door 82cm wide, straight into the kitchen.
  • Long narrow kitchen with a breakfast bar and the boiler room at the end of the room.
  • The breakfast bar is 92cm high, 43cm wide with stools 64cm high.
  • Oven 66cm high
  • Gas hotplate 102cm high and 62cm wide
  • Sink 100cm high and 51cm wide.
  • Washing machine and dryer 82cm high.
  • The kitchen leads to the living room with a doorway 85cm

Living room

  • A large room with movable furniture and leads to the courtyard 107cm wide
  • Spiral staircase with 12 x risers 20cm high leading to the bedroom and bathroom


  • Large bedroom with apex ceilings
  • King-sized bed  210cm long and 160cm wide
  • Spaces either side of the bed of 80cm on the left and 160cm on the right and 210cm at the foot of the bed.
  • Leading to the bathroom 80cm door


  • Shower cubicle with 30cm step in, grab rail on wall
  • Toilet and sink

Holt Farm House


  • There are two entrances, one from the car parking area 111cm or from the courtyard 112cm.
  • From the courtyard the hallway leads to the kitchen


  • Large table in the centre of the room 76cm wide 275cm long, spaces of 90cm at the top, 106cm at the bottom, 105cm right hand side and 142cm left side of the table.
  • Counter top 92cm high and 60cm wide
  • Gas hotplate 95cm high and 60cm wide
  • Oven 70cm high
  • Microwave 16cm off counter top
  • Sink, counter height 55cm back from counter edge.
  • Leading through door to utility 92cm wide
  • Washing machine and dryer 80cm high
  • Sink 45cm wide


  • Doorway 75cm wide
  • Bath with fixed shower 56cm high, 80cm wide
  • Shower controls 110cm high with grabrails
  • Freestanding sink and toilet

Living room

  • Entrance through hallway 110cm or external doorway 111cm from parking area
  • All moveable furniture including sofas
  • Doorway leading to the upstairs 77cm wide
  • Spiral stairway 10 x risers 20cm high with 92cm gap at the top of the stairs in the bedroom

Master Bedroom

  • Double bed 145cm wide, 190cm long with a gap of 61cm on the right, 156cm on the left and 123cm at the bottom of the bed.
  • En-suite bathroom doorway 63cm wide
  • Corner shower with a step 30cm high and controls 120cm high with a grabrail
  • Freestanding sink and toilet

Triple Bedroom

  • Leading from bedroom 1 and into bedroom 3 doorways 95cm wide
  • 3 x single beds 201cm long 123cm wide
  • 90cm gap between the two single beds and a gap of 41cm gap on the right of the third bed

Double Bedroom

  • Double bedroom bed 140cm long and 201cm wide with space of 70cm on the right of the bed and 55cm on the left. The room also has a single bed.
  • Staircase down into the kitchen
  • Original spiral wooden stairway 10 x risers approx 20cm high

Holt Farm Barn

Entrance/living room

  • Entrance is through 1 double doorway o f141cm from the gravelled parking area
  • In the large spacious living room there are movable sofas and a large dining room table 240cm long and 115cm high
  • Leading to the kitchen via a spiral stairway 6 x risers 20cm high


  • Entrance via the spiral stairway and 98cm gap
  • Side by side fridge – freezer with 2 doors 908cm wide, height 1760
  • Gas hotplate 93cm high
  • Bottom oven 112cm high, grill 140cm high
  • Microwave 175cm high
  • Breakfast bar 91cm high, 62cm wide with stools 63cm high
  • Dishwasher 75cm high
  • Leading to bedroom 1, doorway 81cm wide

Orchard View Bedroom

  • Double bedroom, bed 160cm long by 210cm wide
  • Gaps of 58cm on right of the bed and 50cm on the left of the bed

Gallery Bedroom

  • Accessed via spiral stairway from the living room 11 x risers 20cm high
  • Double bedroom 140cm wide, 201cm long with space on the sides of the bed of 61cm on the right and 90cm on the left.
  • Apex ceiling
  • Ensuite bathroom with a doorway 71cm wide
  • Freestanding toilet and sink
  • Bath with handheld shower 53cm high, 121cm long and 55cm wide. Grabrail

Downstairs shower room

  • Accessed from stone spiral staircase 6 x risers 20cm high 92cm wide
  • Shower room with door 65cm from hallway
  • Freestanding corner sink
  • Shower cubicle with 30cm step and grabrail

Smithson Bedroom

  • Leading off hallway downstairs 75cm wide
  • 2 x ziplink beds and  1 x single bed
  • Ziplink 190cm wide 201cm long
  • Single bed 201cm long by 98cm wide with a gap of 56cm wide

Downstairs hallway

  • Leading to external door 92cm wide
  • Hallway 102cm wide

Additional Facilities


  • There are washing machines and dryers in all the properties. All are front loading.
  • There are airers available in all the properties.

General Information

  • There is a general area that can either be integrated or not in the courtyard
  • There are many local maps and information on local attractions available at the cottages.
  • Light switches and plugs are all at sensible heights to reach from a sitting or standing position
  • All cottages have flat paved or boarded patios
  • A paved ramp and path lead from the Wain House into the Barn


  • All cottages have an internal telephone for guest use. The system used is Voice over internet calls.
  • All cottages have a broadband internet connection, a password is used in one cottage -The Stable.

Holt Access Statement download here

Contact Information

Gordon and Ruth Christopher,
Rhydunnog Farm,
Michaelchurch Escley,

We welcome your feedback to help us continuously improve, if you have any comments please phone Ruth & Gordon on 01981 510238 or e-mail [email protected]


Reviewed June 2016